Name Badges

  • White Aluminium

    Engraved plastic tags

    This product is excellent for full colour graphics and will produce an eye catching name badge.
    The strength of the white aluminium is its easy to read personalization with a crisp logo.
    Environmentally friendly.

  • Brushed Aluminium

    Engraved plastic tags

    For a classy and distinctive badge, the brushed silver and gold aluminium badges really stand out.
    For added protection, these badges can have the clear covers.
    Environmentally friendly.


  • Brass


    With its solid and distinctive appearance, the brass badge gives a quality impression of your company.

  • Plastic

    Engraved plastic tags

    For an economical yet very presentable badge in a wide variety of colours and finishes, let us price out a plastic badge for your application.

  • Wood

    Wood badges

    New to the badge market are the beautiful, understated wood badges.
    If you're looking for something really unique with a natural feel, have us send you a sample today.
    Environmentally friendly.

  • Add Ons

    Engraved plastic tags

    With a variety of pins and magnets, Western Nameplates has a backing suited to your needs.


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