Industrial Nameplates

  • Laser Engraved Plastic

  • Engraved plastic tags
  • Good for interior and exterior applications.
    With a full range of colours, sizes, unique shapes, a very creative and functional plate can be made.
    For low to medium volume applications, it's economical price makes it one of the best choices.
    If detailed logos are involved, greater detail can be achieved with the laser process rather than the rotary process.

  • Rotary Engraved Plastic

  • Engraved plastic tags
  • This is a standard solution for most basic industrial applications with it's economical cost and it's interior / exterior grade materials.
    The standard beveled edge give the mounted plate a border against the background.
    This product is suitable for low to high volume quantities



  • Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

  • Engraved stainless steel tags
  • Looking for permanent, exterior grade, solid product identification?
    Laser engraved stainless steel may be the solution for you.
    For small to medium run applications with custom data, these plates give a durable solution.
    If extra abrasion resistance is required, a clear, tough protective layer may be supplied along with the plate.
    This product can be supplied faster than the etched stainless steel plates if quick delivery is a concern.

  • Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel

  • Engraved stainless steel tags
  • With its black marine enamel filled rotary engraved characters, this product provides one of the most durable solutions for demanding applications, even if plate is splashed with acid and somehow the paint is removed, still the information could be legible because of the deep engraving.
    This product is good for short to medium run applications, and two colour applications.

  • Chemical Etched & Ink Filled Stainless Steel

  • Etched Stainless Steel
  • A great nameplate for new companies aiming to get noticed quickly.
    Makes every piece of equipment sold a sales generator!
    A super long life nameplate for pulp mill, marine or outdoor applications.
    A highly functional nameplate which gives superior readability on equipment for many years.
    It is also preferred by government inspectors.

  • Aluminium

  • Engraved aluminum tags
  • Aluminium plates provide a durable solution for non chemical environments.
    These plates are ideal for custom punching of serial and model numbers.
    Environmentally friendly.

  • Brass

  • Engraved brass tags
  • Brass plates provide one of the most attractive and permanent ways to make your product stand out from the crowd.
    They are typically used in interior applications.

  • Decals

  • Decals
  • For interior or exterior applications, we have durable vinyl decals for use in a variety of end uses such as piping, large product identification, crane lifting lettering and a wide variety of safety decals and asset decals.

  • Add-Ons

  • Brass Plates
  • Depending on your mounting surface, Western Nameplates has a variety of adhesives and fasteners suited to give high bond strength or effective fastening strength.
    For metal plates with mounting holes, drive screws are now replacing a lot of rivet applications.

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