Industrial Laser Engraved Plastic

For applications with continual hand abrasion, consider our reverse engraved product for added durability.
Red AB Plate
Interior & exterior grade available.
See also our Stainless Steel Cable Tags for more rugged use.
White Cable Tag
Discs for tagging.
Interior and exterior grade available.
4 1/2″ and 6″ Chains available.
Black Disc
An economical solution for stenciling ID numbers or piping or logos.
White Stencil
Faceplate and Control Panels.
1/8″ thick material is a good option here to avoid the need for a mounting surface.
White Face Plate
The red face / white text or yellow face / black text products make for clear, easy to read warning signs.
Red Warning Sign
Custom shaped logo plates offer creative solutions for product identification.
Silver Custom Shape
Electrical Schematic
White Electrical Schematic
Reverse Engrave is good for a durable multi-colour plate such as a fire exit directory or an exterior application plate.
White Reverse Engraved

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